Rejuvenate yourself and counteract the effects of aging with our all-inclusive medical and aesthetic treatment options. Our service and expertise are second to none.

Rejuvenate yourself and counteract the effects of aging with our all-inclusive medical and aesthetic treatment options. Our service and expertise are second to none.

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Elite Medspa offers unrivaled services to help counteract the effects of aging through a thorough assessment and a careful, measured approach to body contouring, hormone replacement therapy, laser skin, and weight loss treatments. Our Scottsdale Medical spa will have you looking and feeling younger without the risks of more traditional procedures. With our non-invasive options using the latest technology, you’ll experience less recovery time during your transformation that will leave you feeling younger inside and out.

Our Scottsdale medical spa’s body contouring services are the fastest and easiest way to reshape troublesome areas for a more youthful you. We offer a number of options that will reduce stubborn fat and tighten sagging skin without the need for surgery. Our state-of-the-art procedures have helped thousands of clients feel more confident and rejuvenated, all with no downtime.

At Elite Medspa, we can also help restore your quality of life through hormone replacement therapy that can alleviate symptoms associated with midlife changes. Our Scottsdale medical spa’s team of professionals can help you balance your hormone levels through the use of bioidentical hormone therapies, which are plant-based and thus more easily absorbed. This increases your metabolism, improves mood and cognition, and leads to healthier skin and hair. Our goal is to provide you with the best long-term results for staying healthy and aging gracefully.

When you choose Elite Medspa’s laser treatments, you’ll experience a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet, scars, and sun damage. Our team of licensed professionals can help you explore safe laser treatment options that are right for you, helping you achieve healthier, more youthful skin, improved skin tone and texture, and better elasticity. A healthy diet and exercise can work to alleviate many unwanted signs of aging, like weight gain, loss of energy, decreased muscle tone, and more. But when you combine healthy habits with our Scottsdale medical spa’s body contouring, hormone replacement therapy, and laser treatment services, you’ll be on your way to a better life. Call our laser, skin, and weight loss treatments teams today for information on how we can help!


Ultherapy helps you Look younger without the risk and recovery time of surgery. Results are visible in as little as four weeks with no downtime or scary side effects.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

We correct age-related hormone imbalance through the use of quality, bioidentical and bioavailable treatments at our Scottsdale medical spa, restoring or even improving the quality of life you previously enjoyed.

Body Contouring

Reduce fat and tighten your skin with one of our many body contouring options – the fastest and easiest way to get youthful results without a scalpel and surgery and no downtime.


Injectable treatments provide natural results when it comes to reversing the unwanted effects of aging, improving appearance and increases overall confidence. We have a wide variety of different injecatable options for face and body.

Laser Treatments

Eliminate unwanted hair, cellulose, and scarring and renovate your skin with our Scottsdale laser skin treatment therapies such as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Inmode products, and more.

Weight Loss

Our Scottsdale weight loss treatment program is one of the most comprehensive plans in the nation and designed to improve health, strengthen the metabolism, and optimize age-related decline.

Aesthetic Services

We offer a wide variety of Aesthetic services to help revive your youthful glow, hydrate your skin, and bring life back to a dull dermis. Give your skin care regimen a boost with our facials or medical grade skin care.

What Our Clients Say

Amazing staff! Full service office with services tailored to your individual needs. Excellent professional follow up, they think of everything!

Teena V.
Source: Google

What Our Clients Say

I am so excited to have my face look as young as I feel! Thank you so much, Elite Medspa, you have a client for LIFE!

Erma D.
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What Our Clients Say

Elite Medspa was able to accommodate my schedule, and they took the time to give me the perfect pout look. The staff is so kind and really takes the time to listen, creating the perfect look.

Grace W.
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