Hormone Rebalancing

Choose bioidentical hormone replacement or rebalancing through Elite MedSpa, and age gracefully while minimizing unwanted weight gain, discomfort, and other hormonal inconveniences.

Hormone Rebalancing

Choose bioidentical hormone replacement or rebalancing through Elite MedSpa, and age gracefully while minimizing unwanted weight gain, discomfort, and other hormonal inconveniences.

Don’t Wait to Balance your Hormones

Balanced Hormones for Balanced Living

Once we reach adulthood, at about the age of 25, hormone levels begin to fall. Within ten years, most will begin to experience the effects of various hormone deficiencies and imbalances, including unintended weight gain, muscle loss, or sexual dysfunction. Hair loss, brain fog, and trouble regulating moods or achieving restful sleep are also common experiences.

Combating these intolerable symptoms is a matter of regaining your hormonal balance, and our Scottsdale hormone therapy services at Elite MedSpa can help balance levels. Our bio-identical hormone therapies help reverse adrenal fatigue, increase metabolism, and improve the health of the circulatory system. Improved mood and cognition, and healthier skin and hair can also result from proper hormone balance.

The philosophy of our Scottsdale hormone therapy service begins with comprehensive hormone level assessment, followed by a measured approach to treatment that begins with the lowest possible dose to help you achieve balanced
levels without the risk of additional, potentially harmful side effects that can be caused by overzealous dosing practices. This approach accomplishes optimal results while minimizing risk, which means our clients receive the best long-term relief possible.

Women’s Hormone Rebalancing

Symptoms associated with midlife changes in hormone levels can seem unbearable, but Elite MedSpa’s hormone replacement therapy can help keep you comfortable.

Men’s Hormone Rebalancing

Maintaining muscle strength and bone density are just as important as improving reproductive function. Let us help you sustain peak performance or regain lost ground, with Scottsdale estrogen therapy and a variety of other hormone treatment services.

Bioidentical Treatment

Safe hormone treatment involves sourcing supplements and medications that are identical to those produced by the body. Our Scottsdale hormone therapy service provides natural, plant-based hormones that are customized to meet your needs from the ground up.

Managing Side Effects

Reduce unwanted side effects of hormone replacement therapy and maintain your health and comfort with Elite MedSpa’s proven methods.

Why Bio-Identical Hormones?

Synthetic Hormones may be sourced from both animal and man-made sources, and may include a broad spectrum of compounds along with the specific target hormone. One common estrogen supplement, sourced from the urine of pregnant horses. contains more than ten times as many different estrogen compounds than occur naturally in humans. These superfluous and foreign compounds are not only less effective than bio-identical formulations, but they also carry an increased risk of side effects.

At Elite MedSpa, we use Bio-Identical hormones derived from plants. Identical in structure to estrogens found in humans, these soybean and wild yam derivatives are more easily absorbed by the body, and represent a significantly lower risk of unwanted and unexpected side effects. Additionally, these hormones can be carefully compounded and balanced for each individual patient, meaning no one receives more hormones than they need.

Don’t Wait to Balance your Hormones

Combined with a proper diet, regular exercise, and appropriate nutritional supplementation, Elite MedSpa’s hormone replacement therapy helps Scottsdale residents slow down or even reverse the effects of aging by putting an end to cellular degeneration and promoting healing. We don’t need to suffer from diminished physical and mental agility as we age! Instead, we can slow or even stop the effects of aging by providing our bodies with the supplements and exercises they need to keep working at optimal levels.

By the time we reach 35, chances are we’re already suffering needlessly from hormone imbalance or deficiency. Elite MedSpa’s total hormone replacement program, combined with a healthy lifestyle, can return you to optimal health and vitality. We begin with a thorough evaluation and a complete hormone panel, and end up with a fully individualized treatment protocol just for you. We continue to monitor hormone levels over time to make sure you’re always receiving everything you need—and nothing more.

BHRT: Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Regardless of where you find yourself in the experience of aging, whether your hormones have been out of balance for years or you are just beginning to experience diminishing levels, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) can provide relief from your symptoms and an end to your tiredness and frustration.

Scottsdale’s Elite MedSpa features a team of dedicated experts who care deeply about your quality of life, and want to restore you to the best possible version of your healthy self. That’s why we are meticulous in our methods—from evaluating to testing, prescribing to compounding—and why we continue to test your levels for years to come so you never have to feel prematurely old again.

Elite MedSpa offers the following products for Bio-Identical Hormone Balancing:

Bio-identical Estrogen and Progesterone: These two hormones work together throughout a woman’s life to regulate menstrual cycle and fertility. When these two hormones go out of balance naturally, women often experience decreased libido and sexual function, osteopenia and osteoporosis, irritability and hot flashes. In circumstances where estrogen is produced in excess, women may suffer from headaches, weight gain, or certain types of cancer.

Bio-identical Testosterone: Critical for the growth of healthy bones and muscles in both men and women, testosterone is a steroid hormone that can become deficient with age. Symptoms of testosterone deficiency include decreased libido, hair loss, erectile dysfunction and depression in men, and amenorrhea and hot flashes in women. Treatment with bio-identical testosterone alleviates or reverses these symptoms.

Bio-identical HGH: Human Growth Hormone regulates reproduction, and cell growth and regeneration. Deficiencies in HGH are typically traced to problems with the pituitary gland, and can cause poor bone density, depression, inability to gain body mass, and memory loss. Bio-identical supplementation is an effective treatment.

Bio-identical Thyroid: Hypothyroidism, or a deficiency in thyroid hormone, is a common cause for weight gain, hair loss, fatigue, and other symptoms. In addition to metabolic issues, hypothyroid sufferers may also experience carpal tunnel or slowed speech. Our experts carefully evaluate each patient’s needs, avoiding the risks of over-supplementation as they treat hypothyroid patients. Bio-identical Thyroid can restore vitality and improve overall quality of life for many individuals.

Bio-identical DHEA: Dehydroepiandrosterone is another hormone that diminishes as men and women age, though women typically produce less than men do. Created by the adrenals, a pair of glands that sit atop the kidneys, DHEA is a precursor to all major sex hormones. Individuals with low DHEA experience fatigue, reduced libido, muscle loss, depression, and joint pain. While DHEA is available in over-the-counter supplements, as with all supplements, it is best to proceed under the advisement of a licensed medical professional.

Bio-identical Melatonin: High blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and low tolerance for stress—these are some of the unexpected conditions associated with low melatonin levels. In addition to helping the body achieve the rejuvenating effects of sleep, Melatonin is a critical hormone that aids the body in maintaining good mental health.

Bio-identical Pregnenolone: This essential hormone facilitates communication between brain cells as well as controlling the body’s production of sex hormones and controlling adrenal function. Low pregnenolone is marked by moodiness, decreased energy, and short-term memory problems. Headaches and depression can also result.

Contact Elite Medspa in Scottsdale to rejuvenate yourself and counteract the effects of aging!


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