Our range of state-of-the-art, age defying medical spa services can transofrm your quality of life. Give your skin, your body, and your health a boost with services like Ultherapy, NeoGraft, and more.

Our range of state-of-the-art, age defying medical spa services can transofrm your quality of life. Give your skin, your body, and your health a boost with services like Ultherapy, NeoGraft, and more.

About Scottsdale’s Elite Medspa

Elita MedSpa combines the latest technology with proven, effective Scottsdale skin treatment services to help our clients become their very best selves at our rejuvenation and wellness clinic. A body that is well cared for can work in harmony with itself, allowing each patient to live a more satisfying and beautiful life. All our treatments and procedures, from weight loss to laser therapy, take place on the grounds of our private and pristine facility. Here, our patients enjoy the beauty and serenity of the desert landscape while they receive advanced health care and anti-aging treatments.

Feel and look younger without turning back the clock on your accomplishments or achievements. Here at Scottsdale’s Elite MedSpa, our success is visible in the renewed enjoyment our clients experience in their everyday lives. Whether they sought help with reducing fat, improving endurance, having a more satisfying sex life, or simply want help aging beautifully, we are proud to see them leave here feeling at home and confident in their bodies.

Our Scottsdale skin treatment services team at Elite MedSpa works with each patient to develop a holistic plan to help create the best possible relationship between client and body. By balancing hormones, increasing strength and endurance, boosting energy, and reviving skin through treatments such as Vanquish, our rejuvenation and wellness clinic helps patients feel their very best—all over again.

Our experts use the latest advancements and improvements in the industry. Our non-surgical facelifts and body contouring keep our clients looking as young outside as our hormone and peptide therapies make them feel inside. And with the help of our carefully selected vitamins and supplements, these improvements are made to last.

Our team works with every Elite MedSpa patient at every step of their transformation journey to evaluate goals and review treatment expectations, and our welcoming and tranquil surroundings are designed with client comfort in mind. When all members of a client’s care team work together, the result is truly beautiful. We are eager to help you realize the better life you know is possible, now and for the future.

Scottsdale’s Elite MedSpa medical spa is located within the Scottsdale Seville Shopping Center. Our commitment to helping clients achieve their very best health, and countering the effects of aging and weight gain, make us second to none.

If you’ve experienced unwanted evidence of aging, such as loss of energy, unwanted weight gain, decreased sexual vigor, hair loss, loss of skin tone, or decreased muscle tone, and your attempts to improve these symptoms through healthy diet and lifestyle have been insufficient, please don’t give up. Our Scottsdale diet and skin treatment services at Elite MedSpa are here to help.

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Brett Beloud, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Candice Stewart

DNP, Medical Director


Registered Nurse & Injector


Registered Nurse & Injector


Registered Nurse & Laser Technician

Blake Haman

Laser Technician


Office Admin


Lead Admin


Medical Aesthetician

What Our Clients Say

Amazing staff! Full service office with services tailored to your individual needs. Excellent professional follow up, they think of everything!

Teena V.
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What Our Clients Say

I am so excited to have my face look as young as I feel! Thank you so much, Elite Medspa, you have a client for LIFE!

Erma D.
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What Our Clients Say

Elite Medspa was able to accommodate my schedule, and they took the time to give me the perfect pout look. The staff is so kind and really takes the time to listen, creating the perfect look.

Grace W.
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