Weight Loss

At Elite Medspa, we offer one of the nation’s most comprehensive programs, individualized to help each client optimize their metabolism in order to improve overall health and minimize physical changes related to aging.

Weight Loss

At Elite MedSpa, we offer one of the nation’s most comprehensive programs, individualized to help each client optimize their metabolism in order to improve overall health and minimize physical changes related to aging.

Comprehensive Programs. Individualized to help you!

Holistic Approach to Weight Loss

The first step of any weight loss journey is a complete understanding of the individual’s current diet and overall health. Our providers work together with each patient to achieve a comprehensive view of overall health before developing a customized nutrition plan.

If you’re struggling to lose weight with diabetes, have concerns about your cholesterol, or have a family history of heart disease, we can help. Our team can also develop a nutrition plan for individuals with celiac disease or other dietary restrictions. Our weight loss programs take your future health into consideration, and we’re careful not to create a plan that could harm your metabolism by overly restricting calories or omitting vital nutrients. Our food plan focuses on high vitamin content, adrenal support, and improved gut health—all aspects of overall health that are often ignored by popular weight loss programs.

Our experts can help you lose weight while adhering to a kosher, vegan, or other lifestyle-restricted diet, as well. We know that personal morals or religious beliefs are important to individual health, which is why our holistic plan takes all aspects of each client into consideration. You’ve never experienced care and attention to your personal nutrition the way you will at Elite MedSpa.

Hormone Optimization

Hormonal weight gain is avoidable. Our personalized hormone balancing therapy will put your body back on track to better weight management.

Nutrition Plan

Your overall health and existing medical concerns create a framework, then our nutrition experts create an individualized plan for success.

Fitness System

A personalized fitness plan will help you achieve your best possible weight loss results.

Accountability & Support

Your team is available to advise and encourage you along your journey. Stop wishing and step into a realized life.

The INVISIBLE Cause of Weight Gain: Hormonal Shift

As we age, both men and women experience a decrease in hormone production. Under normal circumstances, this hormone decline can cause loss of muscle tone and undesired weight gain, especially in women. While each person’s individual journey with hormone balance is unique, most of us will experience significant disruption in our quality of life or health. At Elite MedSpa, we take up the fight against hormonal weight gain and hormone imbalance by rebalancing hormones. Little do most people know, that age related hormone decline is a common cause of weight gain, especially in women. Some people are lucky, but most of us experience a severe disruption in our hormonal balance which causes a poor quality of life, and a major change in health.

To counteract this hormone induced weight gain, you need to optimize your hormonal response. That’s where Elite MedSpa can help. Our hormone balancing program can help relieve the hormone-related symptoms associated with aging, and boost your weight loss efforts safely.

Taking Weight Loss a Step at a Time

Proper, balanced nutrition is only one component of successful, lasting weight loss. In order to maintain and amplify your results, it’s important to take an active role in staying fit. To help ensure that cardiovascular health improves along with your waistline, it’s important to do the right amount of the right types of exercises in support of your goals. While building muscle is important for maintaining weight loss, exercises that are too demanding can undermine your plans for slimming down.

Our weight loss team will create a personalized fitness plan to go along with your nutritional efforts. These controlled workouts won’t burn you out or wear you down. Instead, they’ll protect your body as it transforms, and help you achieve your best possible weight loss results.

Mind and Matter

While not everyone that struggles with unwanted weight gain has a significant mental or emotional component, at Elite MedSpa we make an effort to care for the whole person through their journey. While many weight loss plans focus only on what happens in the kitchen and gym, we make sure to consider every part of your life. If your eating habits have an emotional component, such as depression, anxiety, or disordered eating, we can help. In order to achieve fitness it’s important to know that you deserve to look and feel your best. We evaluate the mental health of each patient to make sure the whole person receives the necessary treatment, so you can enjoy longterm success.

How we Succeed

Our plans don’t include crash diets or dramatic shifts in activity levels. Instead, our goal is to create changes that each patient can continue with for the long term. By making intentional changes to lifestyle and focusing on overall health instead of looking only at the scale, our patients and expert team combine efforts to make compelling changes—for good.

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